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AttainU is a scalable college alternative, focusing on high-quality, industry-aligned learning outcomes, targeted towards highly motivated individuals looking to get into high growth careers

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AttainU's Application Process

Please read the following points carefully -

This application process is divided into 3 parts.

Submit all the parts to be eligible for the program.

Your application evaluation will start after completing Application Process Part 3

Once you submit Part 3, you will get a confirmation email from AttainU.

Part 3 - Assignment

There are 4 basic assignments given here. Assignment 1 is a video-based assignment, Assignment 2 to 4 are web development assignments.

Note: You need to choose and work on ONLY ONE of the 4 assignments.

Please read the following points carefully. ​

  • Assignment 1 -
    Here we will assess your clarity of thought process, attention to detail, communication, uniqueness and creative skills.

  • Assignment 2 to 4 -
    Do not require a background in software engineering. The reading links provided below cover all the points needed.
    The objective here is for you to do some basic internet research and build something preliminary. We will be looking at your approach and clarity, the end result is not important.
    Create a readme.txt file explaining all the assumptions you make, your approach and the challenges you face. Besides it only .html, .css, .js file extensions will be considered.

  • Upload all the files related to the assignment you complete in a Google Drive Folder or Dropbox Folder, share the public link and press Submit.

Reading links - (For Assignment 2 to 4)

Reading Links for Assignment 2:

HTML tag <div>

Reading Links for Assignment 3:
HTML Forms

HTML Form input types
HTML tag <div>

JS onclick event
JS alert pop up

Reading Links for Assignment 4:
HTML Images
CSS Responsiveness
CSS Positioning

Assignment Evaluation

Assignment 1

Create a video introducing yourself and explaining any topic of interest. 

  • The video must be recorded on a computer and not on a phone.

  • You must introduce yourself at the beginning of the video. Your face must be visible during this segment.

  • You must use a set of slides to explain the topic. Your computer screen with the slides open must be recorded during this segment.

  • The video must be in English.

  • The video must be 5 to 10 minutes long.


We will be checking for structure, communication, customer orientation and creativity in the video.


Assignment 2
Build a web page which looks similar to the page layout given in the image below. Following is the introduction to the terminology used in the given image layout:

Header: At this place, we can put Website Name & Logo, User Name, Important Links, promotional Links, etc
Navigation: This has a set of links to visit/navigate through different pages of your website. For ex: Products, Services, Team, Partners, etc
Main Content: Here lies the content of the page you have currently visited on that website.
Sidebar: It is mainly used for promotion purpose. It may contain images, links to popular documents, advertisements, etc.
Footer: Here lies all the other informational links to your website. For ex: FAQ, Contact us, Privacy Policy, etc

Note: You are not supposed to use any image for the purpose of building this assignment.


Assignment 3

Build a web page with two forms side by side. 

The form on the left side should contain the input fields to register a user (email id, username, password). And the form at the right side should contain the input fields for the details of the user (first and last name, Date of Birth, City, mobile number, gender, employment status). 

Both the forms should have their separate submit buttons at the bottom. On clicking the submit button of the left form it should display a pop up saying “Left Form Submitted”. On clicking the submit button of the right form it should display a pop up saying “Right Form Submitted”. Each input field should have its label in the same line as the field. 

Note: Password field should not display the entered password, gender options should be created as radio buttons, employment status should be shown as a drop-down select option.


Assignment 4
Given below are three images:-Promotional image (a large image), -LogIn button (a small image) and -Register button (a small image). The task is to put 2 smaller images over the 3rd image in two different ways. 

1st way: Vertically stacked order. (One on top of the other)
2nd way: Placed next to each other with some space in between.
On the given images below, you can right click and download to use in your assignment.

Email Address

Assignment Number you are attempting ?

Google Drive / DropBox Link to the Assignment

(Make Sure to provide public read access to the link below)