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AttainU is a scalable college alternative, focusing on high-quality, industry-aligned learning outcomes, targeted towards highly motivated individuals looking to get into high growth careers

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AttainU's Application Process

Please read the following points carefully -

This application process is divided into 3 parts.

Submit all the parts to be eligible for the program.

Once you submit Part 2, you will be automatically redirected to Part 3.

Part 2 should take 30 minutes to complete.​

You can answer the subjective questions with the help of examples from your real-life experiences. However, if you do not have the relevant experience for some questions, please provide your thoughts or perspective in that.

Answer the subjective questions crisply and clearly.

Part 2 - Logics & Perspective

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There are 3 rooms in a flat and 2 people want to stay in it. Find the number of ways in which they can accommodate the rooms such that each room is occupied by only one person at a time?

Two people A and B weigh 50 kg and 60 kg respectively. If, each month, A gains 20% of their weight in the previous month and B gains 30% of their weight in the previous month, what will be the difference in their weights after 3 months?

Three people A, B and C are running continuously in a circle. A completes a full round in 2 mins, B in 4 mins and C in 6 mins.  Say they all start at 0 minutes, when is the next time they will meet at the starting point?

There are 3 identical cups. 1st cup has 50% water, 2nd cup has 25% water and 3rd cup has 25% water. What percentage of water do I need to remove from the 1st cup and pour into the other two cups to make the level of water in all the three cups same.

More About You

Tell us about a project you worked on which required you to get out of your comfort zone? Walk us through your decision-making process. 
Note - this project could be a non-academic project as well

Please let us know if you have completed a course (online/offline) outside of your curriculum. Provide the relevant details regarding the course. 
Note - this course could be a non-academic course as well

What are your top 3 expectations out of this program and how would they benefit you personally?

Tell us about your previous coding experiences, no matter how small or big. 
Note - We are more interested in learning about the challenges you faced and how you overcame those? The challenges could be technical as well as non-technical.

What will you choose between “a life which is comfortable but with limited growth”  or “a life which is uncomfortable but expecting unlimited growth”? Please justify your answer.

Tell us about one real world problem which you are really passionate about. Please describe your insights and a potential solution.